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2023 Weekly Learnings

Analyst are mostly wrong

Brand Logos and Brand Elements

Indigo Airlines

Equal Pay good, Equal Opportunity more important

New Car EV

Competition is human just like you and me

John's vs Popy umbrella innovation war

Goals or Objectives that drive wrong Behaviour

Four FMCG Trends

What do you do in a declining industry or Segment?

Are Indians getting better at punctuality?

Aircraft and Airlines Business

Don’t let the MBA make you Unidimensional

Messi Lessons – Why stars fail in new environments

About Salaries and Jobs

Company Policies

India becomes 5th largest Market cap country

Strategic Inflection Points

Technology predictions gone wrong

Future People Agenda

12 Deadly Sins That Bedevil Incumbents

A personal brand is a MUST

Voice or Heard

Being average – Part 2

The dangers of being average at anything

Italy Banned Chat GPT

The MBA degree

Rethinking Loyalty

Reference – Asking and Giving

Women’s Premier league

Private Sector, The Government, and the Consumer/Customer

Unconventional – What leaders can learn from the English Cricket Team

Why do people stay in JOBS they hate?

Employer and Employee

The Second Act

Why is On the Job Training dying?

The Underdog vs the Leader

Do JVs work


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