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Arun Maira (Ex, Planning Commission) & Shiv Shivakumar (Ex CEO, PepsiCo) | Book Discussion

Arun Maira (Ex, Planning Commission) & Shiv Shivakumar (Ex CEO, PepsiCo) | Book Discussion

Mr. Shiv Shivakumar, noted Management Thinker speaks to Mr. Arun Maira, a noted author on his book 'Listening for Well-Being: Conversations with People Not Like Us ' in this video. This is part of events curated by Frob (Friends of Books) and was held on 28 April 2023 at DLF Auditorium, Cyber park, Gurugram, India. Arun Maira as our guest for the session gave some profound advise on democracy, good governance and role of social media. Shiv Shivakumar with his well-prepared notes and questions made the interactions a remarkable learning experience. In first part of the video, Shiv asks Mr. Maira about the difference between ideal democracy and workable democracy. In second part, Shiv asks Mr. Maira on what measures other than GDP can be used to measure progress of a country. Event curator and host of the event, Mohit Gupta (Founder, Frob) also shares some interesting poems in the video! About the book Walls have risen between nations and people of different faiths and cultures. There is increasing violence against people whom we do not approve—physical in the real world and verbal online. We are unwilling to give people the dignity that they deserve when they are different. We are losing our ability to listen to people who are not like us even within the boundaries of our nations. The idea of democracy is in peril. Meanwhile, global problems—climate change, depletion of shared resources, persistent poverty and increasing inequalities—cry out for more urgent solutions.Listening is a simple idea. Everyone—rich or poor, powerful or weak, educated or uneducated—can listen to each other. In Listening for Well-Being, Arun Maira shows us ways to use the power of listening. He analyses the causes for the decline in listening and proposes solutions to increase its depth in private and public discourse. Drawing from his extensive experience as a leading strategist, Maira emphasizes that by listening deeply, especially to people who are not like us, we can create a more inclusive, just, harmonious and sustainable world for everyone. 00:00 Slides about Video 00:10 Welcome Note & Context Setting 09:03 Mr. Maira Opening Remarks 12:00 Mr. Shiv Opening Remarks 13:42 Ideal Democracy vs. Workable Democracy 29:40 What can be done to increase trust 42:05 Measuring GDP 54:55 How to listen better without opposition 1:01:35 Advice for Young Managers 1:05:51 Audience Questions 1:17:38 Closing Notes & Thanks #democracy #discussion #listen #books #bookrecommendations #bookreview #booktuber #booktalk #biography #selfhelpbooks #motivation #hardwork #descisionmaking #subscribers #Booklover #Youtuber #Bookstagram #Bookfluencer #book #bookblogger #bookcommunity #goodreads #trending #bookworm #read #whattoread #listening ___________________________________________________________________ WHO WE ARE Frob, derived from ‘Friends of books’ is a social platform for book lovers. Connect, learn and share with each other over books at Frob! Download Frob App, TODAY at, and - Join Book Clubs of your choice - See Videos of Authors and Industry leaders related to Books - Start your own Book Club(s) - Join and participate in live community sessions related to Books _____________________________________________________________________ Subscribe to our YT channel at Email: Follow us on other social media platforms: Instagram: Facebook: Linkedin: Join our Whatsapp community Visit our Book Store to buy Books with amazing benefits:
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